Nazmul Alam
Nazmul Alam
Java / Spring Boot / NodeJS / PostgreSQL / GCP


Hey, I'm Nazmul

Alrighty then, buckle up for the rollercoaster ride through my tech adventures! 🎢

So, I kicked off my software escapades at Fexco - think EasyDebit Philippines, a fancy micro ATM and Payment Gateway with MPOS gizmos and a cheeky Android app. You know, the stuff that makes you go, "Well, ain't that clever?"

Back in my Fexco trainee days, I was knee-deep in SpringBoot, Hibernate, and PostgreSQL. Cooked up a micro-service-based RESTful API for an Intranet system and even tried my hand at building a web app with AngularJS, HTML5, and Bootstrap. Because who doesn't love a bit of web wizardry?

Now, on the academic front, I've got a degree in Computer Science - did the whole 1:1 dance. It's like getting top marks but with extra flair, right?

Fast-forward to WP Engine – I was the Ruby on Rails maestro, jazzing up the user portal and making billing and signup flow like a finely tuned orchestra. Optum was the next stop, where I sprinkled some magic on the Emisar Analytics Gateway as a Senior Software Engineer.

And here I am at Cisco, juggling scripts and clouds for Cisco dCloud. It's like tech theatre, but with less drama (well, most days).

When I am not coding, I'm probably cooking, photographing, travelling, listening to self-help podcasts, or expanding my knowledge of Islam.